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                        MA GOP Chairman Candidate Forum 

Fellow Massachusetts Republicans,

On Wednesday, January 25th
 we hosted a MA GOP Chairman Candidate Forum. 

All five active candidates for the office of MA GOP Chairman were invited to appear. Amy Carnevale, Elizabeth Childs, Christopher Lyon and Ron Vining were present.
 Current MA GOP Chairman Jim Lyons was unable to appear due to health concerns.

We had over 250 Registered Republicans sign up for the Zoom event which was moderated by Bob Hiss. The program began with Opening Statements from each of the candidates, followed by responses to questions based on an amalgamation of submitted inquiries, then followed by Closing Statements. 

If you missed the MA GOP Chairman Candidate Forum or would like to tune in to watch it again, please find the recording below.

At the conclusion of the Forum, a “Straw Poll” was conducted, and attendees asked to respond to the follow question:

"Based on what you heard this evening from the candidates for MA GOP State Chair, who would you tell your State Committee man and woman to vote for on January 31st?"

The results of the voting were as follows:

    -  Jim Lyons: 33%  
    -  Amy Carnevale: 23%
    -  Christopher Lyon: 18%
    -  Elizabeth Childs: 15%
    -  Ron Vining: 11% 

We encourage you to please forward the video link to other Republicans and suggest they watch and then call their State Committee members to express who they believe should be elected MA GOP Chair, on January 31st. You can find the list of the State Committee members at

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