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                                                      Election Day                                                                                                                    Tuesday, November 4, 2014                

The Norfolk County Republican Committee of Norfolk County, MA is a state chartered political action committee dedicated to supporting and electing hard working, law-abiding, men and women citizens who support the principles of the Republican Party and the belief that all men and all women have the right to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."
Working together, we seek to engage citizens in the democratic process by sharing the principles of,
  • Individual Sovereignty
  • Limited, Accountable & Transparent Government
  • Fiscal Responsibility 
  • Strong National Defense
  • Economic Growth & Opportunity for All Americans

We invite you to review our website and to join us in our mission to elect high-quality, community-minded Republican candidates with character, to local, county, state and national office. 
We seek men and women of character & conviction who are committed to making the Republican Party,
  • The Party that will defend the Constitution of the United States as our Founding Fathers prescribed
  • The Party that will return America to being a nation of laws
  • The Party that will carve a path for all Americans to be able to achieve prosperity 
  • The Party that will encourage self-reliance
  • The Party that will restore America's standing around the world    
  • The Party that will return the United States to being the beacon of hope and inspiration for all nations and all peoples.
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